Coupon for Shattky Optometrists Hastings

up to $281.25 off your child's Eye Examination & Spectacles*

Eyecare & Eyewear for your budget with Shattky's quality !

We are registered to obtain this savings for qualifying children.

The child needs to be under 16yrs of age, and
either - you/your family must have a current Community Services Card,
. . . or - the child has a current High Health User Card

* there are some further conditions that can apply, we can usually cover those with you by phone

But it gets better!
Bring this coupon in and we'll give you an extra $20 off.

The parents of children that we see are delighted with what they learn about their child, and there is no pressure on you from us.

If spectacles are needed, the total cost including the eye examination need not be more than the $281.25.

So don't put off your child's eyecare, don't ignore their symptoms and cause them unnecessary eyestrain.

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